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Youtube is has seen a recent rise in harmful opinions.

This tool will enhance your safety, by identifying the channels to avoid.

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Decisions That Matter

Role play an undergraduate getting ready to attend a party with your friends. Experience a life changing story tailored to you. Click here to start now.

Note: some scenes depicted in this experience can be triggering.

Social Inclusion Assessment

Non-judgemental assessment of your appropriate social awareness to integrate within the vibrant Höner university community.

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We pride ourselves on listening and believing, so if you tell us your are committed to self improving study, we believe in you. Therefore to encourage you on your education journey we will happily issue a differently accredited honour based Höner honours degree certificate of your choice.

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Your best source for quality postmodern intersectional identity politics inspired studies.



Black Mesa Science Research Facility to get a fresh start!

After assessment it was decided to temporarily close the world renowned Black Mesa facility for refurbishment in order to increase the cultural sensitivity of the primary research spaces in an effort to attract a more culturally diverse research cohort.

As part of this program all research roles are being re-evaluated and open to re-application. Höner is an equal opportunities employer and we currently invite applications from any female or transgender candidates keen on joining us for this exciting journey.

Black Mesa undertakes research in various fields from standard scientific research to radiation, rocketry, theoretical physics, lasers, experimental propulsion, hydraulics, robotics, hydroelectricity, genetics, zoology, applied mathematics, and a very wide spectrum of research into chemistry and all manner of physics research. The research is mostly conducted in the Black Mesa Research Facility and includes both pure research and applied science.

Working to make a better tomorrow for better mankind.“―The Black Mesa motto


New freshers week inherent thought transgression prevention camp an unquestionable glorious triumph.

It’s a well known anecdotal fact that literally everyone is born in original sin and inherently sexist, racist, homophobic & transphobic! The challenge is many refuse to even acknowledge these subconscious prejudices, and so it is our task to re-educate them about their subconscious problematic thought systems. Towards this goal we established the Höner enhanced re-education camps nearly two decades ago, and are proud of the successes we have achieved in awakening the inmates to the true nature of societies systems, preparing them to take on the world as true Committed Unfairness Combatting Komrades.

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