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This page has everything you need to take control of your financial aid at Höner University; whether it’s filing your FAFSA, accepting your loans or filling out a Verification form.

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Note: Legally the fact that it is illegal to forfeit student loan, does not constitute indentured servitude.

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Research the Return on Investment of a Particular Qualification

Use the salary report to compare the earning potential of different educational choices.

Alternative Education Resources

In today’s rapidly changing world of instant communications and masses of online information the traditional University model is not always the best or most current learning option available. To help you determine if university is for you we have compiled a list worthwhile alternative resources that may in some cases be better suited to your needs here.


A common misconception about scholarships is that they are only available for the smartest students with the highest GPAs. Now while it is true that many scholarships are merit-based, there are just as many that aren’t. Many scholarships are awarded based on need, residency, ethnic background, major, and more. In fact, there are scholarships out there for just about every kind of student.

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